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Weddings in Paxos ('Paxi' in Greek)

Paxos weddings: Marry on an unspoilt Ionian island

Most couples staying in Paxos travel to Corfu for their wedding day however it is possible to arrange an Anglican church blessing on the island, a great way of extending your wedding celebrations in Greece. Paxos itself is very popular as a honeymoon destination and is a perfect combination with a wedding in Corfu. Please contact us for more information.

Paxos is a small and idyllic island, just 25 square km in size, and lies some 14 km south of Corfu and 20km east of the Greek mainland. It is famous for its very relaxed and slow pace of life. Among the many attractions are several fishing villages, the most spectacular of which is Lakka, while the absence of an airport connecting it with other tourist destinations means that much of the island is still relatively untouched.

Appealingly, you can reach Paxos by boat, either from Corfu or from mainland Greece. Recently, a new seaplane service has begun to operate, taking in spectacular views of Corfu en route to your dream destination. This memorable journey is a mere 25 minutes from take-off to landing.

The three main fishing villages of Gaios, Lakka and Loggos, complete with some fabulous tavernas, are popular with day visitors from Corfu. Once outside these villages, even in peak season, it is possible to enjoy complete solitude by taking beautiful walks all over the island, with nothing but the olive groves and beautiful butterflies for company. Paxos boasts around a quarter of a million olive trees and many say these groves produce the best olive oil in the world, but don't tell the Corfiots!

While in Paxos, you can hire a boat to tour around the island and discover some of the more hidden beaches and coves. It is quite possible to have an entire beach to yoursellf – what could possibly be more romantic? Hardly surprising, then, that Paxos is a much-favoured honeymoon destination with couples who marry in Corfu.

Anyone visiting Paxos should not miss the island of Antipaxos, just 15 minutes away by boat. It is famous for its stunning azure waters, which even reflect on the white of the seagulls as they glide across it.

Getting married in Paxos couldn't be simpler

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