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Bernadette & Nathans Kefalonia Chapel Wedding

How did you two meet and where did the proposal take place?

Met at work! We were friends for around 3 years before romance blossomed. Nathan proposed on one knee in a restaurant called Piano Rouge, in Krakow, Poland (totally unexpected)

Why did you choose Greece and Kefalonia for your wedding?

Greece because we have both always loved the country, food, people and climate! Kefalonia was a suggestion from Andreas and we went out there in May 2009 to see what it was like and immediately fell in love with the Island.

Was it your first time to Kefalonia? What did you think?

The most beautiful, peaceful and relaxed place - perfect for the wedding we wanted.

How did you prepare for your wedding in Greece? Was it what you expected?

We did a lot of internet research and found that Ionian Weddings were coming up with the best ideas to match our wishes. It was more than we expected - very relaxed and we wish we could do it all again.

Please describe the most memorable moment from your big day.

Seeing each other for the first time as we metat the chapel and being serenaded down from the chapel to the taverna by mandolin.

Is there anything quirky or funny that reminds you of your Greek wedding Experience?

Yes! Just how laid back it was - even beyond our expectations and the fact that the villagers joined in the reception!

What advice would you give to other brides considering getting married in Greece?

If you don't want to get rained on (ok, less likely to be rained on), if you want to cut down on all the wedding hype/stress and expense associated with weddings here and for all your guests to have the best time - take the risk!

Anything else you would like to add?

Tell Andreas exactly what you want and if it's possible he'll sort it.