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Rhoda & Alec's Lakeside Crete Wedding

How did you two meet and where did the proposal take place?

We have known each other for ever, but started dating (only) 19 years ago. In July 2008 (not a man to rush into anything) Alec decided it was time, and whilst on holiday in Turkey, he got down on one knee, produced a beautiful engagement ring and a year later we were married.

Why did you choose Greece and Crete for your wedding?

Our first holiday together was to Zante, where we had the most wonderful time. We have since holidayed on numerous Greek Islands, each unique but all very beautiful. Ionian Weddings have such a choice of wedding venues it was difficult, but in the end the idyllic setting of the lakeside chapel in Agios Nikolaos won us over.

Was it your first time to Crete? What did you think?

No we have holidayed in Crete before. Although Crete is one of the larger more commercial Greek Islands, it still holds all of the wonderful scenery, charm and authenticity we love.

How did you prepare for your wedding in Greece? Was it like you expected?

We prepared as we would for a wedding at home, but with the prospect of better weather. If we had a query regarding anything, we simply e-mailed Andreas and he supplied suggestions from which we selected our answer. The whole wedding was much more than we expected.

Please describe the most memorable part of your day.

It was definitely the setting by the lake where we exchanged our vows, the warm summer air, the background of trees, flowers and little Greek style boats on the lake, it was the most meaningful, emotional and romantic moment of my life. Even Alec had a small tear in his eye.

Is there anything quirky or funny that reminds you of your Greek Wedding Experience?

We had eaten at one of the lakeside tavernas several times before our wedding and had told them we were getting married. On the wedding day the owner came out to greet me as I made my way to Alec at the top of the lake. He gave us a Greek blessing which I thought was wonderful.

What advice would you give to other brides considering getting married in Greece?

If getting married without stress, hassle and enormous expense sounds good, then take my advice and get married in Greece where you are guaranteed good weather, helpful people and a wonderful holiday thrown in for good measure. What more could you ask?

Anything else you would like to add?

I know this is what you expect to read at this point... praise for Ionian Weddings...well that is exactly what you will read, because they thoroughly deserve it. If you want a tailor made wedding which is specific to your needs, then book your wedding with them. They happily sorted all our queries and gave us the most wonderful day which we will always look back on with joy.