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Shanta & Matt Lefkada Wedding

How did you two meet and where did the proposal take place?

We've been friends since high school, got together after college and have been together about 12 years. We got engaged in Singapore, after Matt surprised me with a holiday and then a proposal, he got down on one knee, it was very romantic, although I was laughing and crying as I hadn't seen it coming!

Why did you choose Greece and Lefkada for your wedding?

Once we decided that going abroad was for us and our family were behind the idea, we looked at different destinations and quickly settled on Greece. I'd been to several of the Greek Islands and loved the place, people and climate. We liked the idea of a short haul destination with guaranteed weather so that our family could combine our wedding with a holiday.

Was it your first time in Lefkada? What did you think?

Yes it was our first time to Leftkada, but some of our family had been there before and were planning to return so it was highly recommended. And we were not disappointed! It's a beautiful island, not too commercial, idyllic scenery, and stunning beaches with clear water, lots of activities and plenty of places to explore.

How did you prepare for your wedding in Greece?

We had discussed getting married abroad a couple of years earlier, but couldn't see how to do it. Then we found Ionian Weddings; and even though we didn't go there before hand, Andreas knowledge of the Greek Islands helped us choose an island that ticked the right boxes for us; beautiful locations, unique ceremony and reception venues, accommodation choices, suitable flights (in half term), avoiding big package destinations. We arranged our holiday and shared options with our family and friends. The relaxed approach suited us and all the finer details from flowers, menu, and colour themes were sorted by our local contact Dora in Nidri. The mayor of the little island Meganissi, which we had chosen for our ceremony even organised a temporary jetty for us!

Please describe the most memorable part of your day.

We can't pick one moment, the whole day was amazing! We had spent the night before and day apart, so when we saw each other for the first time at the waterfront it was magical. We met our family and friends there to take a short trip to Meganissi for the ceremony. As a fairly large group in a small town, word spread that we were a wedding party and many locals wished us well throughout the week and gathered to see us off. Dolphins followed alongside the boat and we married outside a chapel under an arch of flowers with the sea just behind us. We returned to Nidri having champagne on the boat and had our reception at a venue just out of town, great Greek food and dancing into the night.

What advice would you give to other brides considering getting married in Greece?

Lots of couples say that the big day goes quickly, having our wedding in Lefkada meant that we had a whole week of special moments with our family and friends. There are always those who can't make it wherever you have your wedding, but having the chance to spend so much time with those close to us made it a wonderful, memorable time for those who came. We didn't feel stresses that most couples speak of before a wedding, we left it in Andreas and Dora's capable hands and looked forward to our holiday, finalising wedding day details when we got there. A big thank you to Ionian Weddings for a truly special wedding day and memories that will last all of us a lifetime!