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Tara & Paul Kos wedding June 2009

How did you two meet and where did the proposal take place?

We met 13 years ago at my first job at Heathrow; Paul was one of my directors! I fell in love with him the first day I met him, when I was greeted with a big smile, a cup of coffee and the morning paper, 2 minutes after I had sat at my desk! WHAT A LOVELY START TO MY FIRST JOB!

The proposal took place at the Basilica ruins opposite St Stefanos Island where we eventually got married (about 6 years before the wedding!) Paul got down on one knee on a beautiful day in Kefalos, asked me to be his wife and said he would marry me over the water at the little church on the island one day!

Why did you choose Greece and Kos for your wedding?

We started travelling to Kos a year after meeting each other and apart from a couple of exceptions have been travelling there every year since; we love Kos, especially Kefalos.

Was it your first time in Kos? What did you think?

We booked a last minute holiday and arrived in Kefalos at lunchtime on a Saturday. We were very tired from the early start but couldn't help exploring the place when we got there. The majority of everything is on the waterfront, and we are BIG lovers of the sea, so Kefalos is our most perfect place in the world to relax and while away the hours watching the sun go down over the harbour.

How did you prepare for your wedding in Greece? Was it was you expected?

As I said before we had always wanted to get married on the little island and had seen just a few weddings take place there over the years. I had searched and searched for someone to organise if for us when I came upon Ionian Weddings who had my dream wedding idea on their site after 6 years of searching!!

Please describe the most memorable moment from your big day.

I can honestly say the whole day was so perfect there wasn't one moment that stood out as the most memorable, the whole day was!

Is there anything quirky or funny that reminds you of your Greek wedding experience?

My auntie Margaret missing the coach and the boat and frantically searched every harbour in Kos to find the wedding, and eventually found Kefalos and persuaded a local to take her and her partner Gary across to the Island for the ceremony!

What advice would you give to other brides considering getting married in Greece?

Greece is such a perfect place to marry because of its outstanding beauty in the country itself, its people and its traditions. Kos is especially beautiful, namely Kefalos, the St Stefanos wedding provides an unforgettable setting that you, your family and your guests will treasure forever.

I would just like to add how fantastic Ionian Weddings were here in the UK and their calming approach on all the prep before. You helped calm my wedding nerves every step of the way, taking every bit of stress of a wedding away from me! And finally the local team in Kos, I wasn't the easiest to deal with, as I am a stickler for detail, but Ionian Weddings had everything under control and the rest of the team were professional throughout and great fun on the day!