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Greek Island – Corfu

Couples love getting married in Corfu old town because of its beautiful Venetian style historic centre. The most popular venue is the Town Hall of Corfu, originally housing the Ionian Parliament, located in the heart of historic Corfu town. Many couples choose to arrive at their wedding ceremony by horse-drawn carriage, others choose to walk through the historic streets of the town, serenaded by local musicians. Catholic weddings can take place at the Catholic church and a blessing is possible at the Anglican church, both also located in the Old Town. There is also the possibility to arrange a beach wedding in Corfu or to get married in a traditional Corfiot village.

About Corfu

Corfu (Kerkyra in Greek) is the best known of all the Ionian lslands and often cited as the most beautiful island in Greece. Certainly, Corfu has inspired a lot of literature; it was Odysseus’ last stop before returning to Ithaca and was described by Homer as a “beautiful and rich land”. It is said to be the setting for Shakespeare’s Tempest, and was widely written about by the Durrell brothers, as recalled in the recently BBC televised adaptation of “My Family and Other Animals”.

Old Town of Corfu was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site recently, a wonderful recognition of its unparallel heritage. Its three Venetian forts and neo-classical housing were said to be “a fortified Mediterranean port town of high integrity and authenticity”.

It is the northern-most and second largest of the islands (593 square km) and is often referred to as the “Emerald Island” thanks to its rich vegetation and diverse variety of evergreen cypresses, citrus orchards, grapevines and olive groves.

Like the rest of the Ionian islands, Corfu was fought over by many great civilizations but it is perhaps the Venetians who left the biggest mark on the island. The capital, Corfu Town, has a unique Venetian style to it, with Italian Renaissance buildings and extensive fortifications. The fortresses were built by the Venetians to safeguard their important trade and military base, and were so successful that Corfu was the only one of the Greek islands to withstand Turkish invasions. The two Venetian forts have been well preserved, largely because the British reconstructed them at great expense during their period of colonial rule. The British left another famous mark – Corfu has the only cricket pitch in the whole of Greece!

In addition to a wealth of historic monuments, traditional villages and acres of olive groves, Corfu also offers beautiful beaches, from caves lying on the cusp of the deepest waters in the Mediterranean at Paleokastritsa, to the secluded bays on the east coast and the majestic sand dunes at Issos beach near Corrision Lake.

A Selection of our Corfu Wedding Ideas

Other Ideas for your dream wedding in Corfu

Civil wedding ceremony in historic Corfu Town

Beach wedding ceremony

Ceremony in a traditional Corfiot village square

Civil wedding in a town hall close to where you are staying in Corfu

Catholic weddings in Corfu Town

Anglican wedding or blessing in a church in Corfu Town

Greek Orthodox wedding in churches all over the island


Claire & Joel, Paleokastritsa Cove wedding and reception, Corfu, 9th September 2016

“Thank you so much to Andreas in the UK and the local team in Corfu for planning such a beautiful wedding for us! We had the perfect day, everything ran smoothly and the venue was decorated beautifully and exactly how I wanted! It couldn’t have gone any better, all our guests commented on how beautiful the day was! We even asked for some personalised additions to the day and they didn’t disappoint, they got everything spot on! The venue staff were also amazing and couldn’t do enough for us! The hospitality we received was second to none! Thanks again for planning our dream wedding!”

Yvonne and Thomas, Anemomylos and Old Fortress, Corfu, 19th September 2015

“Our wedding was like a dream come true! All of our guests were speachless, and that does not happen very often! Very good translation of our wishes to concrete actions! Always available and never complaining for the many changes. Thanks to Rachel for this! Corfu gets it done! We are surprised by the quality of our own wedding. Decoration perfect, timing perfect, venues perfect!! Our wedding was really amazing!! everybody was speachless about he quality of our wedding, and they will never experience this again! Conclusion, Ionian Weddings did a wonderful job, you’re perfect! thank you so much”

Lauren & Jem, Corfu, 26th June 2014

“Lauren and I would like to say a big thank you for your help in organising our big day!
It turned out perfectly, even if I did arrive a little late, and we couldn’t have wished for a better day!
The coordinator in Corfu was a great help as well. Without her, we would have been lost (possibly quite literally)!”

Lilian & Robin, Corfu, 8th May 2014

“There’s no need to worry about arrange your own wedding, Ionian Weddings take the stress out of everything so you can just enjoy the excitement of the wedding to come. Very professional with everything including the flowers and you can decide how you want your wedding to unfold and fulfil your dreams of your perfect wedding!”

Anna & Sam, Palace Gardens, Corfu, 7th September 2013 (written by Pam, Mother of the Bride)

“A huge thank you for helping us to have such an amazing wedding for Anna and Sam! Thank you for all your contacts – we couldn’t have done it without you!
It really was magical and even more wonderful than we had hoped – our guests were captivated – thank you!
We wish you many more happy weddings in the future.”

Getting married in Corfu couldn’t be simpler

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