Why choose us to plan your big day?

Ionian Weddings is an award winning specialist consultancy for destination weddings established by husband and wife Jane and Andreas. Here is our story…

Back in 2006, we were considering having our wedding in Corfu, Greece, Andreas’ homeland. Like many people we had been shocked at the cost of a wedding in the UK. In addition to huge cost savings, a wedding in the Greek Islands had much to offer: sun, beautiful locations, excellent food and so on. We searched in vain for a UK-based wedding planner who knew the locations intimately, so we decided to arrange the event ourselves. Our one nagging fear of guests from the UK being put off by the distance did not materialise as everyone was happy to make the event part of their summer holiday. The wedding was a wonderful success.

On our return we decided that we could help others enjoy their own magical wedding in the Greek islands: Jane had more than 10 years experience in the travel industry and a large number of contacts throughout the Mediterranean area, Andreas had worked for a long time in marketing, we are both Greek speakers and know the Greek culture well. And so “Ionian Weddings” was born, named after the area where Andreas was born.

Ionian Weddings was quickly a success and we expanded to new destinations:  Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Croatia & Portugal.

To date we have organised more than 3000 memorable weddings abroad and have won awards for our success. We are passionate about our weddings and never forget that we are responsible for the most important day of our couples’ lives.