Same-Sex Weddings

Same-Sex Weddings

It is now possible to offer legal gay weddings in Malta at a variety of locations.

We can also offer same sex ceremonies in Greece, Cyprus & Italy, although these are not legally binding. As many countries, including the UK, only allow the civil partnership ceremony to take place indoors, a same sex blessing abroad allows you to have a ceremony in a more romantic setting such as a beach, a garden or a privately hired venue.

We can arrange a beautiful ceremony with the exchanging of rings/vows: you can even compose your own ceremony. You can include poems, sayings, and songs that have a special meaning to you both.

We currently organize same sex blessings in Zante, Cyprus, Santorini, & the Amalfi Coast in Italy with more destinations on the way.

Locations for same sex blessings include beaches, verandas, gardens, sunset terraces, the choice is endless!

Contact our wedding consultants on 020 8894 1991 or click below to fill out our wedding questionnaire and we’ll be in touch to discuss your plans.

Having a Same-Sex Wedding couldn’t be simpler

Call our wedding consultants on 020 8894 1991 or click below to fill out our wedding questionnaire for more ideas and costs for a gay wedding.