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Weddings in Skiathos, your very own Mamma Mia wedding!

Your wedding in Skiathos offers a truly unique location, the Bourtzi. The small peninsula used to be a fort and divides the port into two distinct parts, offers spectacular views and will add a magical ambience to your Skiathos wedding. It was also here that the entire crew of Mamma Mia were taking breaks between sets under the pine trees in summer 2007. In addition, weddings in Skiathos may also take place at other venues upon request (subject to municipal approval) for an extra charge.

Your Skiathos wedding reception may take place in a traditional beach front taverna, a chic restaurant in town or a boutique hotel. Weddings in Skiathos are now synonymous with the Mamma Mia film and its feel good factor, so take a trip down the aisle you will never forget and let Ionian Weddings make your dream come true.

Ideas for your wedding in Skiathos

  • Historic Bourtzi wedding
  • Wedding reception at the grounds of selected Skiathos hotels
  • Orthodox wedding in churches around the island

Skiathos as your wedding destination

Located only 6 miles from the Greek mainland, Skiathos is the smallest (46 square km) and most popular of the Sporades group of islands, set in the Aegean Sea.

The island boasts no less than 70 sandy beaches and if you choose to hire a boat, you will be rewarded by discovering romantic, deserted beaches, even in peak season. Or you may opt for a more traditional kaiki boat from the old port, similar to the one caught by Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia.

Skiathos is one of the only islands in Greece that has never changed its name. It is believed that its name comes from 'skia' the Greek word for shadow, either from the tall pine trees that cover the island, or because it lies in the shadow of the mountains of Pelion, across on the Greek mainland.

Skiathos is covered in pine forests and olive groves making it a lush, green island producing an abundance of olives, walnuts and fruit By venturing inland you will discover traditional villages and much of the west and north coasts of the island are untouched by tourism. By contrast, historic Skiathos town is a lively place where traditional churches and old houses on narrow streets mix with chic restaurants and designer shops. Skiathos was famous in the past for the quality of its shipbuilding and you can still see the shipyards today in the port in Skiathos town.

Getting married in Skiathos couldn't be simpler

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