Renewal of Vows & Blessings

Renewal of Vows and Blessings in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean has so many beautiful locations to inspire you to share your marriage vows once again.

There are many reasons why couples choose to have a blessing/renewal of vows including

Celebrating an anniversary, be it 10, 20 or 50 years

A fresh start to a relationship for whatever reason

Your legal wedding took place in a civil office and you felt like you missed out on a beautiful wedding with romantic photos

One of you has lost their original wedding ring and would like the new one blessed

Surprise your spouse with a blessing ceremony to help them celebrate many good years of marriage, to show them how much they mean to you, to thank them for all the hard years of raising you and your siblings

Bless your engagement rings as a start to your commitment that will lead you to marriage in the near future

Blessings and renewal of vows are not legally binding, meaning you don’t have to be married to celebrate a special event. This allows us to create for you whatever your heart desires. We can arrange a standard ceremony with the exchanging of rings/vows or you can even compose your own ceremony. You can include poems, sayings, songs and even readings from the Bible.

If you are interested in a more religious feel, in Zante and Cyprus it is possible to arrange a Minister of neutral religion to conduct the ceremony – this can also be arranged after a full civil wedding in these locations.

Renewal of vows and blessings can take place on all of our locations in the Mediterranean with Santorini being particularly popular.

Please contact our wedding consultants on 020 8894 1991 or click below to fill out our wedding questionnaire for more information.

Renewal of Vows & Blessings couldn’t be simpler

Call our wedding consultants on 020 8894 1991 or click below to fill out our wedding questionnaire for more ideas and costs for renewal of vows & blessings.

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